Reopening: Exciting times

16 Long Months

I closed when the pandemic struck as many businesses did. I was doing my part, waiting it out, 2 weeks they said, I figured a bit longer, you know like a month maybe two months max.

16 Months later….and I am back to doing makeup on people – other than myself!! Let’s be honest I barely even did my own makeup, haha.

I am excited to be back, excited to talk to you about your upcoming nuptials or event.

There are changes to how I operate, stricter sanitizing is being done for your protection and mine. A few things for you to know, I will be wearing a mask while I do your makeup, I am using more disposable tools, and no dipping directly in to powders; pressed or loose (I have some tricks!)

No matter where you go for your makeup needs, be sure to ask about the artists hygienic protocols. Protecting the client should be a the top of the list.

Hope to hear from you or see you soon, stay tuned for more updates as I get my in home studio set up and ready for you.

Want to discuss your makeup needs, send me a message here, or check me out on Facebook or Instagram.



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